Tell Us About Your Fleet

Echo partners with its carriers by identifying individual carrier's equipment and preferred lanes.

Our sourcing team will pursue freight opportunities based carrier fleet information to fill your trucks.

Working with Echo provides opportunity and access to our clients and our daily shipments. We are adding over a thousand new clients a month with transportation needs that range from spot market to long term contractual lane requirements. Work with Echo to help fill your fleet.

FastLane gives you access to search our shipments to find loads that match your location and equipment, you can filter this information to quickly find matches for your trucks.

Echo offers its carrier network the ability to integrate electronically for load tendering, status updates, invoicing and a host of other services to ensure timely and accurate communications.

Echo is proud to be a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) SmartWay Transport Partner. SmartWay is an initiative with the goal of environmentally cleaner, more fuel efficient transportation options. Echo was given the score of 1.25, which is the highest possible rating and represents "outstanding environmental performance."